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The Valley of the Sun logs some of the hottest temperatures in the nation during the summer months. When the temps start to rise, we all turn to our air conditioners to help keep us cool. So it is a good idea to have your AC unit serviced and checked on a regular basis. Air conditioners that are not running at peak efficiency have a harder time cooling the air so they run longer which increases your electric bill. Not only that, the additional wear and tear on the equipment can have you replacing parts or the entire system well before it would need to be had it been properly maintained.

Servicing and checking your air conditioner is recommended on a yearly basis. The annual check-up and service program offered by Marlin is a great way to accomplish this. The Marlin Air Conditioning Protection Plan will keep your AC running smoothly as well as extend the life of your unit.

Marlin Air Conditioning Protection Plan offers an extensive 16-point tune up. Each step is key to the overall function of your unit and is carefully done by a technician who will make sure that all components are working in accordance to manufacturers specifications. This will keep the AC unit operating at its maximum performance levels.

Prevent costly repairs or replacements with this protection plan/tune up and give your air conditioning unit the long life it deserves.

Below is a comprehensive list of the services offered on our 16-point tune up and the reason why it is important/necessary for your air conditioning unit.


The Marlin 16-Point Inspection Plan Includes:

  • Check Thermostat Operation – The thermostat is a device that turns your AC unit on and off when temperatures you’ve set are reached. If the thermostat is not correctly working or reading temperatures it can cause your air conditioner to run too long causing unnecessary wear and tear on your system. We make sure that it is registering accurately and turning the unit on and off as intended.
  • Clean or Replace Filter (Customer Supplied) – Air filters are often forgotten about and not cleaned or replaced nearly as often as they should be. A dirty air filter can make your air handler work much harder and less efficiently. In addition, the dirt on the filter can work its way through and dirty your ducts and evaporator coil which can also increase your utility bill. We clean or replace the filter along with provide recommendations for filters and how often you should clean them or change them out.
  • Check System Temperature Split – In short, the temperature split is the difference in temperatures between the air going in to the AC unit vs the air coming out. The temperature split must remain in an optimal range or it could cause mold within the air conditioning unit. We make sure that this is within the acceptable range. If it is not, we’ll identify the cause and inform you of the reason for the larger than normal temperature split as well as provide a recommended solution.
  • Check Freon Level – The Freon level can fluctuate throughout your unit due to one or more systems effecting the gas or liquid state of this substance. Freon enters as a liquid, changes to a gas, and then returns to liquid state. Changing or altering this process could limit the amount of cool air actively flowing out of your unit. We make sure the levels remain in an optimal range to ensure that the cooling process goes as planned.
  • Inspect Fused Disconnect – The fused disconnect is usually located in a metal box outside next to the AC’s fan. It is designed to protect your air conditioning equipment from electrical damage from overcurrent by utilizing fuses that will blow when amperage gets too high. We inspect the fused disconnect and if necessary are able to replace any blown fuses.
  • Inspect Wiring & Tighten Electrical Connections – As with any device that has motors or other moving parts, sometimes wiring and connectors can come loose due to vibration. We make sure all wiring is in its correct position and that all connectors are tight and passing current correctly.
  • Inspect Contactor, Relays & Pressure Contact – The contactor is a relay that gets a low voltage signal from thermostat to switch on 220-volt (high amperage) current to the compressor and fan. It can be a common problem for AC failures. We make sure it is receiving voltage from the thermostat and working correctly.
  • Inspect Electrical Safety Circuits – We inspect the safety circuits to make sure that they are functioning correctly.
  • Check Voltage & Amperage on All Motors – Reading the amperage draw as the voltage changes can tell us if the system is working properly.
  • Inspect Indoor Blower & Motor for Dirt Buildup – The internal motor and blower are also areas of high concentration for dirt and particles. Increased build up could interrupt the overall performance of your unit and cause damage.
  • Inspect Bearings & Lubricate All Moving Parts (As Required) – Appropriate lubrication is applied to keep parts working with minimal friction.
  • Inspect Belt & Adjust Tension (As Required) – Belts wear over time and eventually need to be replaced periodically. If they are loose, they can make your air conditioner run harder and less efficiently. We make sure we replace or tighten any belts that do not meet our performance standards.
  • Inspect & Clean Condensate Drain – The condensate drain removes condensation that gets produced by the AC’s evaporator coil. If it gets clogged or is not draining freely, then mold and algae can grow causing musty smells. Or worse, it can back up and cause water damage in your home.
  • Inspect Outdoor Coil – The outdoor coil is exposed to dust and other natural elements daily. By ensuring that this coil is free from damage or excessive dirt we can ensure that the air flow coming through is moving as freely as possible.
  • Inspect Duct Seal at Unit & Secure Panel – The duct seal and ducts themselves are responsible for facilitating air throughout your household. If the seals have leaks, cracks, holes or are just poorly connected, you’ll have a much less effective air conditioner.
  • Explain & Document All Necessary Repairs – By explaining and documenting our work, we are better able to provide follow up service for your air conditioner moving forward. It is also good practice to keep your service and repair records on all your home appliances for future reference.
  • Run & Test the System – We make sure that the system is running at peak performance levels. We also do a final check of all hoses and other areas to ensure that your unit continues to perform at this high level.