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In Greater Phoenix, heating your home and commercial buildings are specialties of ours, along with air conditioning and plumbing. At Marlin Services we are in our 33rd year of providing services to help keep your home and buildings operating smoothly, safely and comfortably. We know comfort, and that’s what we deliver to you through expert heating, heating repair, and water heater sales, and installation services. You can find the trusted solutions to your heating needs at Marlin Services.

With time heating systems lose efficiency, and especially if not properly maintained they can stop working altogether. At Marlin, you get the highest level of quality in heating system repair and replacement. All work is performed by highly experienced, heating technicians you can trust.

We analyze your situation and help you select the most dependable and high-efficiency heating system for your home or office. Select from the best national brand heating equipment that best fits your building and budget. Our technicians professionally install the unit, and provide back-up service for your heating system as needed. Whether it’s a new furnace you need, want to save energy, or you simply have a question about heating issues – we are here to help!

Additionally, when you need your water heater repaired or replaced, we’ll help you with that as well. We’re just a call away: 602-470-1040.