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Drain Clearing

Having clear drains is essential for keeping your home in good working order. Drains are something people seldom think about until something goes wrong. A clogged drain is something that can go from a minor annoyance to a serious plumbing problem. Drains in your bathroom and kitchen allow you to carry out many everyday tasks, such as doing dishes, taking baths or showers and using the toilet. Whether your home has its own septic system or you’re connected to a city sewer system, you rely on your drains and pipes to flow freely throughout your house. This is why customers are so appreciative of our drain cleaning services. Phoenix residents turn to us when they have emergencies.

The Problem of Drain Blockages

Through daily usage, drains often become clogged with different kinds of debris. Soap, food waste, grease, hair and items accidentally dropped down drains can all contribute to blockage. Very often, it’s not a single item that causes the problem but a long-term accumulation. Even the most robust plumbing systems can become clogged. In such cases, it’s important to take steps to remedy the problem.

You may notice that water accumulates in the sink when doing your dishes, washing your hands or taking a shower. It may drain very slowly or, in extreme cases, not at all. It’s good to keep an eye on your drains so you can catch problems early. In most cases, these problems don’t occur overnight but get worse over time. It’s easier to clear a mildly clogged drain than one that’s completely blocked up.

Should You Fix Your Own Drain?

There are several DIY solutions for fixing a blocked drain. You can find many over-the-counter products that you pour down the drain. You should realize, however, that these products contain harsh chemicals. It’s easy to become injured if your skin comes into contact with drain cleaners. It’s also possible to get splashed in the eyes or face if water mixed with drain cleaning product sprays up. Over time, these products may damage pipes.

A plunger, often used for blocked toilets, can also help with a clogged drain in the kitchen or bathroom sink. This, however, is not a real solution for a seriously blocked drain. If there are accumulations stuck in the drain, they need to be cleared permanently. At some point, a plunger will no longer work. Other solutions, such as using snakes sold at hardware stores or wire hangers are also temporary solutions. These may also damage your plumbing.

Why It’s Best to Seek Professional Help

DIY solutions to drain cleaning are not usually effective in the long run. If your drains are not working properly, using drain cleaning products or devices may help temporarily, if the problem isn’t too severe. However, over time, you’ll probably notice that these solutions no longer work. That’s why it’s best to call a licensed professional plumber, who is able to clear your drains thoroughly and safely.

It’s actually a good idea to have your drains cleared on a regular basis, even if there’s no obvious problem. This is the only way to get rid of the debris that inevitably accumulates in your drains. A professional plumber has the tools to do this in a way that won’t damage your pipes. Keep in mind that calling a licensed plumber after you have put harsh chemicals into a clogged drain may cause the plumber to have to take extra precautions that could add to the cost.

For your convenience, you can complete the easy to use: ‘Schedule Appointment’ form on this website, and we’ll get your plumbing back in good working order.